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Morning Seditionists

Friday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 30, 2006
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Friday, and I get to take Siggy for a walk for the first time in forever. He tells me he hasn’t been having nearly enough fun, so I guess I’d better take care of that. Sure is nice to sleep in my own bed for change. Hopefully this flooding nonsense is all over with. Anyhow, y’all have have a good Friday.

Thursday Travel Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 29, 2006
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Well, if all goes as planned, I’m going in for about a half a day today, and then I’m heading for Syracuse. I was thinking of heading down to the Dominican Republic for a little “relaxation,” but my Cialis prescription has my wife’s name on it, and if I have to go through airport security, it’ll be obvious that I’m “packing.” So, I guess my wife’ll just have to be stuck with me for a few days.

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Viagara-free Hump Day Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 28, 2006
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Looks like the rain’s finally let up enough for my office to open back up again, though last I heard the phones weren’t working yet. Since nobody’s likely to call me, that shouldn’t be a problem. So, it’s back to work, or whatever it is I’m doing while I’m forced to endure this purgatory. Beats walking circles around the Pentagon City Mall, I guess.

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Tuesday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 27, 2006
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Well, what’s going on today? Apparently there’s been a rash of flag burning, ‘cuz the Senate is gonna take up a flag burning amendment (how they can keep anything lit in this weather is beyond me). I’m not sure how that fits in with the whole Nicole Kidman getting married thing, but I guess exempting multimillionares from the estate tax works out OK for her and her kids. Odds are they’ll never need to survive on a minimum wage job, so killing any increase there shouldn’t be a problem. They’re white and privileged, so killing the Voting Rights Act works out OK, too. And I certainly doubt they’ll be joining the military, so staying in Iraq permanently should be fine, too.

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Monday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 26, 2006
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Okay, explain to me again why I give a shit that Nicole Kidman married Keith Urban (whoever that is)? I mean, they were rumored to be gonna get married, they were gonna get married, they were gonna get married any day now, and now they’re frickin’ married. Well, whoopdie freakin’ doo, man. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hope they’ll be happy and he won’t turn into a crazy fuckin’ scientologist or something, but I barely care when somebody I actually know gets married, I sure as hell don’t care when strangers do it. Then I’m checking out of the grocery store, and I see she’s got a “bump.” Oh, fer crissakes. Now they’ll be relentless with that shit until she has puppies.

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Sunday Booblehead Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 25, 2006
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Sorry, only time for a quickie:

On Press the Meat:
Russ Feingold, David Broder, Ron Brownstein, David Gregory and Anne Kornblut

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Saturday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 24, 2006
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Hey, it’s Saturday. Supposed to be some nasty weather here today, so I don’t know what I’ll wind up doing. Might just hang out and do nothing. Not exciting, but pretty cheap. Maybe I’ll see if I can fill up AAR’s voicemail. At least I can think about getting through the next six days or so, and then being in my own bed by this time next week. Have a good Saturday.

Friday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 23, 2006
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Finally, Friday’s here. Supposed to be heavt t-storms today, and rain all weekend, so I don’t know if I’ll get to get out to the parks or not. If the weather looks good, I may head up to Catocin Mountain Park. It’s about 60 miles from here, but it looks worth the trip. Otherwise, The Road to Guantanamo opens tonight, so maybe I’ll go and see that (though it may be a tough one to watch).

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Thursday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 22, 2006
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Well, it’s officially summer now, so I guess that means we’ll have to give up these cool 90+ degree days, and brace for a heat wave. Oh well, such is life. Otherwise, call and/or write AAR to see if Maron is on the air in your home town yet, and sign the petition to support progressive radio in Cincinnati. And if you know of any good parks within the vicinity of DC, let me know. I need a place to kill some time this weekend. Have a good one.

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Summer Solstice Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on June 21, 2006
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Hey, happy Solstice everybody – it’s the longest day of the year. I predict that if the Marc Maron Show isn’t syndicated, the days will begin to get shorter, eventually throwing us into complete lack of daylight. So, if you want to save the world eternal darkness, make sure you call or write the good folks over at AAR, and ask them how things are coming along. They’ll worry if they don’t hear from you.

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