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Morning Seditionists

Monday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 31, 2006
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Finally, Monday is here – I thought that damn weekend would never end. Now if these next five days will just hurry up and get over with.

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Sunday Bobblehead Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 30, 2006
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Another Sunday. I’m pretty newsed out, myself. DC’d out, too, in more ways than one. Sometimes, I guess I just get tired of reading about Dick Cheney being linked to another no-bid contract, or “oh boy, aren’t Republicans dumb” because they blogged that they intend to push another criminal energy bill through on Monday, or that if you thought your father brother mother sister husband lover whatever was coming back from Iraq anytime soon, guess what, uh-uh, or Lynn Woolsey calling for the repeal of the authorization that the congresssheep gave dubya to go in and fuck things up in Iraq (seems like a no-brainer to me, but then I guess our government has just enough brains to be dangerous), or well, all the shit that’s in the news or that they think they’re so clever about bringing up at DU, or Kos or Atrios or whatever. It all just seems to be a bunch of pissing and moaning while these creeps keep getting away with doing whatever the fuck they want, ‘cuz they bought the “real” media a long time ago, and they sure as hell bought our government, and most of the people are too fucking stupid to know the difference.

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Saturday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 29, 2006
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OK, the weekend’s here. Whoopdie-doo. I’m just about done with the book I’m reading, so I reckon I’ll go out and get another one to kill the next few nights, and try not to think too much about getting this over with.

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Friday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 28, 2006
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Another week ends, and this should be my last Friday night in this crappy little bed. I’m in chuckout mode, gradually tossing out all the shit I’ve accumulated around here since Memorial Day. Next week I’ll get into serious packing mode. In other news, poor Joey. Michael Schiavo and TerriPAC are set to endorse Ned Lamont today. Why? This exchange between Joey and Timmy on the March 27, 2005 Press the Meat might shed some light on the issue: Read more

Thursday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 27, 2006
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Alright, we’re over hump with this week, and close to my last weekend here in the nation’s capitol . Counting today, I’ve got nine more days to get through before I can pack up my shit and get out of here. I just hope the a/c holds up.

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Wednesday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 26, 2006
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Here we are, at the midpoint of another week.  I’m winding down with my project here, and I think I might actually get the damn thing finished before I leave.  I had my doubts, and it’s not a sure thing, but I think I’ll mostly have it done (not enough time to give it a real good debugging, or add all the features I’d have liked, but they’re getting a good $10 grand’s worth of work for free – not that they’d realize it – so they shouldn’t complain).  I’m starting to remember why I got sick of doing this shit for living, though.

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Posted by marc maron on July 25, 2006
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Hey, folks, Hope all is well with all. I am adjusting to having time. Time to work on my standup, to think, to be creative for myself, and to be relieved, on some level, to not have to deal with AAR. I am relieved to know what is going on with my life, finally. I do miss doing the show. I miss all of you people. I miss the creative energy of all the artists I was working with. I miss talking about the issues and talking to my guests on a daily basis. I’m looking at a lot of different options for the future. I’ll keep you all posted. In the meantime I’m going to write, perform, play guitar, sit around and think, watch my cats, dig my wife, get ready for the Comedy Central Special, enjoy doing comedy again and living my life without the burden of wondering how AAR is going to disrupt it or make me anxious and irritated.
I’ll be in touch. I’m working with someone on a new site. In the meantime you can still post and e-mail at marcmaron.com and you can find me and post and e-mail at myspace.com/marcmaron.

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Tuesday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 25, 2006
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I just finished listening to the penultimate Marc Maron Show yesterday (I’ve been taking my time with them, because I don’t really want ’em to be over).  I thought the interviews of John Dean and Ellen Perry were great, and of course Lawton Smalls’ and Bruce Cherry’s final appearances, plus Lonn Friend and Mishna were great, too.  All-in-all, a very enjoyable show – not just this particular show, but the entire MMS collection.  Damn shame it’s over.  I still have the final one, which I listened to live, of course, but with all the heavy blogging (and the one or two little brewskies I may have inadvertently downed) that night, I’m not exceptionally clear on the details of the show.  I’m gonna miss those bastids.

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Monday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 24, 2006
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And so, another week begins. Looks like Ariel Sharon (what’s left of him, anyway), is fixing to finally give it up and die. One wonders if things would be any different today had he not stroked out back in January. Whatever his past, sometimes people decide that maybe a legacy of death and destruction isn’t what they want to leave behind. Then again, sometimes people never change. I guess we’ll never know.

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Sunday Booblehead Thread

Posted by pjsauter on July 23, 2006
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My brain’s a bit denatured from being cooked on high the past couple of days (much better now, though) so forgive me if this isn’t too terribly inspired, but…

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