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Morning Seditionists

Halloween Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 31, 2006
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Hey, Happy Halloween and T-7 days and counting until the election.  Here in the NY-25, two polls came out yesterday.  One (a Dem poll, done by Berenson) had the good guy down by 2% (MOE +/- 4.9%).  The other, an indie poll (I think they use robo calls) has the good guy up by 9%!  So, things are tight here, and it’s gonna go down to the wire.  I’m sure lots of you out there are in a similar situation (and if you’re anything like me, you’d wish we could friggin’ vote already).

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Monday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 30, 2006
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Not much to say this morning (except don’t forget to tune in to the return of Mike Malloy on Nova M radio at 9PM EST tonight), Call For Changeso I’ll just make a dutiful plug for MoveOn’s “Call for Change” campaign, which will allow you to use your home computer and telephone to make calls to Democratic-leaning voters (in other words, you don’t have to cold call any Republican meanies) in order to help stimulate the GOTV effort. According to Eli Pariser: Read more

Booblehead Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 29, 2006
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Are ya up? Well, go back to sleep – it’s an hour earlier than you think it is. If you’re having trouble getting back to sleep, you’re in luck; there’s another round of Sunday boobleheads to help ease you back into unconsciousness. I only hope I can make it through the next nine days or so with my sanity (such as it is) intact. Damnit, let’s just vote already.

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Saturday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 28, 2006
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Most of us get an extra hour tonight, which I can certainly use, but, damn it gets dark early enough as it is these days – do we have to give it any more help? I’ve always thought that it should be “spring ahead, fall forward,” personally. Who the hell needs it to be light in the morning, when you have to go to work? I want it light in the evening, when you can actually go out and do something. And don’t give me this nonsense about kids going to school. That’s what headlights are for (besides, once they go from fetuses to people, who gives a crap, except for the ones we’ll eventually ship off to war, of course, but getting run over a few times just toughens ’em up, and the tougher they are, the less we have to shell out for body armor and all those other frills).

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Friday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 27, 2006
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It was nice to hear Marc and Jim (not to mention Kristapea and Andy) on the radio yesterday, plus see a few old friends here who haven’t been around much lately.  Marc and Jim will be back on again today (you know, I never used to care for Jerry’s show, but now that he’s got these shitcanned AAR hosts subbing for him, it’s gotten much better; maybe Lizz Winstead will be on next week), so pull up a stream (either go to AAR’s Jerry page, try the WSAI page, or use this Windows Media link), and check back in around 9:00 (Eastern). Maybe we can talk ’em into taking all the screws out of Dr. Laura’s chair before they go.

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Thursday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 26, 2006
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NOTE: As most everybody knows by now, Marc and Jim are guest hosting for Springer today.

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Wednesday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 25, 2006
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Here we go, another Wednesday. There was a rather disappointing poll released last night here in the NY-25, with the Bush rubber stamp, Jim Walsh, supposedly 9.5% ahead of Dan Maffei, his Democratic challenger. Shortly after its release, though, there was this: Read more

GOP Candidates

Posted by pjsauter on October 25, 2006
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I figured it was only fair that we give equal time to the Republican candidates for office, so here’s a list of some of them, with links to help you get a sense of what they’re all about.

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Tuesday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 24, 2006
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Hey, it’s Tuesday, and I’m actually not behind in anything.  Well, not much anyway.  And to think, it only took about 12 hours a day with my ass in the chair in front of the computer to get my shit together.  Oh, well, not much point in getting ahead in anything.  I guess I’ll just screw off until I’m way behind again.  Should take about a day.

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Monday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on October 23, 2006
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Oh boy, it’s Monday. I hope you all had a good weekend. I know those of you who made the trip to Beantown to see Marc had a good time. The best I could do was eat a lot of beans, which means that the dog and I have been spending a lot of quality time alone together. Yesterday was doggie central at the park; I guess after all the rain we’ve had, all the fair weather dog people figured they’d get out a bit. There hasn’t been so much butt sniffing since Marc Foley showed up drunk at the page dorm.

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