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Morning Seditionists

Monday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 30, 2007
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So, tonight I have to go to class, which is the last class I’ll ever have to attend. Unless I’m somehow stupid enough to ever put myself through this again, which is pretty fucking doubtful. Even better, I don’t have to do anything but sit through a bunch of other people’s presentations. Of course, I still have my final, final project to complete, so I guess I’d better get crackin’.

Booblehead Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 29, 2007
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Another Sunday, another batch of talking heads. I can hardly wait.

First off, on Press the Meat, it’s an MBNA kinda day, as Timmy Potatohead hosts Joe Biden as part of Timmuh’s “Meet the Candidate” series. An hour of Joe and Tim. Oy.

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Saturday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 28, 2007
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So, what’s been going on? I haven’t had a chance to really pay attention to much of anything in the news, except that I saw yet another crook in the DOJ resigned. Not much new there. Happy Birthday to the Syracuse Peace Council, celebrating its 71st birthday today.

Friday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 27, 2007
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Today’s my mom’s birthday. She’d have turned 83 today (and would be none too happy to have me tell you that). She was Taurus, I’m Scorpio. It was an interesting relationship at times, to say the least. Happy Birthday mom. To everybody else, Happy Arbor Day. Go out and hug a tree.

Thursday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 26, 2007
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Whoopie, the Dow closed at 13,000 yesterday. For me, that means, um, let me see…pretty much nothing. Gas is back up to three bucks a gallon, I broke my hydrometer, Iraq is still Iraq, and that goddamn 50-page paper isn’t exactly writing itself, is it? But the Dow is up, and CNN thinks news is a video of cat pretending to play the piano. Whoopdie-doo indeed.

Wednesday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 25, 2007
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Okay, today is phase two of the beginning of the end. Lots left to do before class tonight, including finishing a paper, doing a network diagram, and coming up with a presentation. So, this is definitely an example of a Wednesday that sucks, but once it’s over with, I can concentrate on phase three. I can’t wait until this is all over with, even if it kills me. I’m too old for this shit.

Tuesday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 24, 2007
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My brain hurts too much to think, let alone write. Y’all carry on.

Monday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 23, 2007
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Well, today marks the beginning of the end. No, not for Gonzo (well, OK, maybe for Gonzo, but that’s not what I meant), but for the end of this horrible nightmare, known as “grad school.” I’ll spare you the gory details, but basically I have three days of acutely horrible hell, to be followed by roughly a week and a half (unless I can write faster) of chronically horrible hell, trying to crank out 60 pages of bullshit that will pass for, um, not bullshit. Or at least not so much bullshit that I don’t pass. Then you (and, more importantly, my wife) will never have to listen to me bitch about school again. I will promptly begin bitching about looking for a job, and then (hopefully fairly quickly) bitching about working.

Earth Day Booblehead Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 22, 2007
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Gee, everybody sure has their knickers in a knot over Alec Baldwin’s little voicemail to his daughter. Good thing nobody ever recorded some of the things my mom called me (not that I didn’t have it coming, of course). Anyway…

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Saturday Open Thread

Posted by pjsauter on April 21, 2007
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I don’t know about where you live, but in these parts, it’s supposed to be a warm, sunny weekend. Last week, six or eight inches of snow. This week, over 70 and sunny. It’ll be too goddamn hot before you know it.

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