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Morning Seditionists

Hump Day Confessional

Posted by pjsauter on September 30, 2009
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Yesterday’s rally in Albany against mandatory experimental flu vaccinations got a mention on the NBC evening news last night (rare that I actually watch that, but it happened to be on). A brief mention, but a mention nonetheless. I looked at the coverage on the Albany Times-Union website yesterday, and there was a brief article that happened to mention that some of the people who organized the event were the same folks who organized the “tea bag” dog and pony shows (funny, they didn’t mention that NYSNA – the NY State Nurses Association – and PEF – the Public Employees Federation – were also involved and are opposed to Mengelese-style forced medical experimentation). There is considerable bile and hatred expressed in comments to the story – against the “right wing” loonies who would deign to be opposed to having a concoction that consists of (among other things) squalene and a mercury-based neurotoxin force-injected into their bodies (the package insert for the Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine manufactured by Novartis has supposedly been leaked on the Internet [pdf], and admits that known side effects include guillain-barre syndrome, vasculitis, anaphylactic shock and even death). So, yes, my dirty little secret is out – I’m a teabagging, Glenn Beck-worshipping, right wing loony. Funny how the story didn’t mention that the NYS DOH Commissioner and his Goldman-Sachs wife support the likes of Chuck Grassley, Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani, and GW Bush. I suppose then the crowd would have been characterized as a bunch of liberal stooges or something. Oh well.

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Hey, I Thought We Had A Deal!

Posted by pjsauter on September 29, 2009
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You probably recall the “deal” President Obama, Max Baucus (bought with over a million dollars from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries in the current cycle alone), and Big Pharma made a while back. You know, the one that nobody asked you about, declaring that the re-importation of drugs from Canada would not be a part of any comprehensive health care reform? Well, they didn’t ask Byron Dorgan’s opinion of it either, and he says “bullshit!” Dorgan intends to introduce an amendment to health care reform calling for the importation of drugs, similar to a bill already introduced in the Senate ( S. 1232) which the Congressional Budget Office estimates would result in $50 billion in direct savings over the next decade – saving the federal govenment $10.6 billion. Since S. 1232 already has 30 cosponsors – Republicans Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, John Thune, and Senator Family Values, David Vitter, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll pass, assuming it comes to a floor vote, which seems likely, as Harry Reid has voted for drug importation in the past. It’d be better to allow the feds to negotiate for drug prices (or, god forbid, set limits the way other countries do) rather than play this “re-importation” game, but good for you, Byron. And shame on any Democrat who votes against it (and shame on the Democrats who got into bed with the drug companies to come up with this “deal” in the first place).

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Monday Again

Posted by pjsauter on September 28, 2009
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A while back (back in August), Bill Maher had Aston Kutcher as a panelist on Real Time. Why? I don’t know. Maybe to get the young libertarian point of view or something. Kutcher isn’t the dumbest person on the face of the earth (not even close, with people like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Oily Taintz all in line ahead of him) but he definitely falls under the “twit” category. Among the topics that night was (of course) health care, with poor little Ashton questioning why he should have to pay for health care for those who eat twinkies, don’t exercise, or don’t measure up to Kutcher’s standards of what constitutes an acceptable lifestyle. Bill, of course, was more or less on board with that idea too.

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Posted by pjsauter on September 27, 2009
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On Press the Meat today, it’s an all-star show, with Bill Clinton, NY Gov. David Paterson, Sen. Jim Webb, and Arizona Asswipe, John Kyl.

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Posted by pjsauter on September 26, 2009
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Ah, Saturday, when we can stop doing the big work, and settle in to thinking about more trivial things. For instance, today (tonight, actually, at 7:00), the Maine Black Bears head in to town to give SU a break from playing Big Ten teams. Maine is what used to be called a Division I-AA team (not sure what they call it these days), so, absent some truly terrible collapse, Syracuse should raise its record to 2-2 – its first .500 record in three years (which is truly shameful, but we’re hopeful that we’re in the early stages of a football Renaissance). Other than that, there’s not much going on. Enjoy your Saturday.

Friday Rapture Watch

Posted by pjsauter on September 25, 2009
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Yesterday, it was a 19 pound baby (seen in this photo next to a more normal size baby; looks a bit like baby Godzilla), the socialist gay marriage plot, and Jim Trafficant’s desire to kick the IRS in the crotch (despite the fact that the IRS, as far as I can tell, has neither crotch nor naughty bits). Today, in what Milf Cardinal Milfington would surely see as a sign of the coming Apocalypse, we bring you the story of the pregnant lady who got pregnant. Yes, she got pregnant with a baby boy two and a half weeks after conceiving a baby girl (looking at the happy couple, I’m actually kinda surprised she got knocked up once, let alone twice). Now, if you were forced to guess where such a thing might happen, what state would come to mind? If you said Arkansas (the state that brought us Herb Tarlek, Wal-Mart, and a college proud to select a hog as its mascot), you would be correct. I had no idea this sort of thing was possible (not in humans, anyway), and am unsure how this works. I mean, the two babies have different due dates. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not an expert on the subject, but when the first one starts coming, what, exactly, is gonna keep the second one from coming along for the ride?

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Home of the Whopper

Posted by pjsauter on September 24, 2009
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Steve King (not the author, but the idiot Republican congresscritter from Iowa) says that same-sex marriage is all part of a socialist plot to take over America, and that Socialists have “to plow through marriage in order to get to their goal” of undermining the “foundations of individual rights and liberties. Not only is it a radical social idea, it is a purely socialist concept in the final analysis….” Hmm, OK. So, let me get this straight: the idea that gay folks should be extended the same individual rights and liberties that non-gay folks have is actually a plot to undermine said rights and liberties. Makes perfect sense to me. Fear not, brave Rep. King and all you other fighters of socialism: the Socialists’ plan appears to be severely flawed. In King’s own state of Iowa (bastion of gay marriage and socialist-terrorist capital of the corn belt), 92% of Iowans say they’ve been totally unaffected by the legalization of gay marriage. Presumably the other 8% are gay and got married, or they’re parents/friends/relatives of those who are (and did). Hah! Take that, Socialists! You’ll have to find some other way to take over the country. The whole gay marriage thing just aint workin’.

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Tell Us About the Rabbits, Barry

Posted by pjsauter on September 23, 2009
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I recorded President Obama on Letterman Monday and last night we watched it. I was struck by a couple of things. First, Letterman asked better questions than I’ve seen from the traditional media talking heads or the White House press corps. It isn’t that Journalism is failing us, it’s that the corporate owned, profits above all else traditional media outlets refuse to hire journalists, and instead hire pretty boy and girl talking heads who will do what they’re told, and “real” journalists just can’t break through (with a few notable exceptions, such as the McClatchy news service, Bill Moyers, and of course Mike Boettcher, who I’m glad to know is teaching a new generation how to be real journalists – though it’s too bad he isn’t teaching up here at the Newhouse School; it’d be nice to see him and “NYKat” – or, better yet, “SYRKat” – plus, IMHO, “Newhouse” is just a tad bit better name for a school than “Gaylord” – unless it’s, like, a College of Ballroom Dancing or something).

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See Ya, Summer

Posted by pjsauter on September 22, 2009
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Today’s the last day of summer, with the autumnal equinox occurring at 21:18 UTC tonight (which would be about 5:18 PM EDT). It’s the Festival of Dionysus, so I’m not sure if I’m supposed to go out and have an orgy or sacrifice a chicken or something. I cooked a couple of chickens for the dogs on Sunday, so I guess that’ll have to do (we’re usually too tired after work to get a proper orgy going – that and we don’t really have any friends that we’re quite that close with). Either way, now it’s gonna start to get dark really early (by the time DST ends on November 1st, sunset will be before 5:00 where I live). Fall is my favorite season (except for the getting dark too damn early part). I really love the end of the heat and humidity, the cool, crisp days, and the cold bug-killing nights. Nothing’s more beautiful than hills and valleys colored orange, red, and gold beneath a deep blue fall sky (though seeing them with a fresh dusting of snow comes pretty close). I know there are people who hate the cold and snow, but I wouldn’t give up the change of seasons for anything (though feel free to try me; the bidding starts at $1 million).

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That Was Fast

Posted by pjsauter on September 21, 2009
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A pretty rare combination of events occurred this past weekend. Syracuse won its first football game of the season (against a favored Big Ten opponent, no less), and the Jets not only won, but they beat New England at the Meadowlands for the first time ever. Add to that the Giants spoiling the Cowboys home opener in front of 105,000 mouth-breathing Boomhauers (including former Boomhauer-in-chief, George Dubya Two Terms Mandate Bush), and Buffalo beating Tampa Bay, and it was a pretty good weekend for NY. If only Obama could have talked Governor Blinky into spending more time with his family, it would have been perfect (though I wouldn’t rule out an offer of Ambassador to the Maldives or something in our esteemed governor’s future). By the way, you all know that Obama hates white people, but did you know that (at least according to Michael Steele) the only reason he doesn’t want Paterson to run is that Obama hates black people, too? The President will be making a trip to the Albany suburb of Troy today to speak at Hudson Valley Community College (accompanied by Jill Biden; another Condi Rice/George Bush situation, perhaps :hubba: ). I wonder if Paterson will be on hand? That could be a little awkward.

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