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Morning Seditionists

Last Day of November

Posted by pjsauter on November 30, 2010
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I won’t lie to you. Yesterday was hard. Really hard. In no way, shape, or form did I want to leave the house, let alone go to work yesterday. And it was a day filled with frustration and chair time, though I finally managed to fix something that really shouldn’t have been broken, but was anyway (I also managed to not buy anything, which is good). Damn you, ColdFusion 9! It was also sunny and warm yesterday – and I missed all of it (except for the drive in, which at least I can appreciate, now that it’s a half-hour trip). I can’t wait until there’s daylight after work again (in about six months). There’s a ridge due west of my house that bay windows in the living room and dining room look over, and sunsets are gorgeous (when I’m there, and when there’s sun – two hard-to-satisfy conditions this time of year). Today is supposed to be warm as well, though not sunny (a little rainy, in fact). That wouldn’t bother me at all if I was off today. I have a bunch of things I’d like to get done outside, and a little rain wouldn’t bother me a bit.

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Cyber Monday

Posted by pjsauter on November 29, 2010
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Sad news yesterday. One of my all-time personal favorites – Leslie Nielsen – passed away at the age of 84, which seems awfully young to me these days. I’m sure everybody thinks of Airplane or The Naked Gun series, but my favorite is probably Forbidden Planet, in which Nielsen costarred with Robby the Robot (and other lesser-known actors like Ann Francis, Walter Pidgeon, and Earl Holliman). He also gave a memorable guest performance of Col. Buzz Buzzington in an episode of M*A*S*H, and was, of course, the ill-fated captain in the original The Poseidon Adventure. Like most talented, funny people, Leslie Nielsen was born in Canada (his father was a Mountie, even). We’ll miss you, Leslie.

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Black Sunday

Posted by pjsauter on November 28, 2010
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It seems like as if it was just yesterday when I was at work, excitedly anticipating four whole days off. Work has become a pain in the ass (more than usual), and I really needed the time off. And now, it’s over. Back to work tomorrow, with a five-day week to face. That really suck. What we need is a good old-fashioned war to take our minds off of things. Not this Afghanistan nonsense (that’s not a war; we need tanks and aircraft carriers and John Wayne-type stuff). Fortunately, we may just have one in the works over there in Korea. And it’s got everything we need.

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Posted by pjsauter on November 27, 2010
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Against my better judgment, I did, indeed, venture out amongst the humans yesterday – but only as far as Home Depot, and only because I needed to get some stuff to do some fixes around the house (being a good little consumer, though, I couldn’t resist picking up the little compressor they had for $69, which also came with a brad nailer/stapler. It’s a handy little bugger). The main thing was to take care of a couple of leaks in what has become the bane of my existence – the waste pipes. Fortunately, yesterday wasn’t going to involve anything major or nasty. So I thought. First off was a fairly slow drip at the point where the soil pipe leave the house. What I have is an old cast iron ‘Y’ and cleanout with 4″ PVC shoved into it, and it was leaking at the packing a bit. I don’t happen to have a lead ladle (not that I can find, at least), and I don’t know if that’d be a good idea with the plastic anyway, so I got some some goop to smoosh in there that’s designed to harden up. As a backup plan, I got a rubber doughnut. Fortunately, the packing sucked up the goop pretty good, and seems to have solved the problem. Cool. Next, a slightly more involved item.

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Shop ’til You Pop

Posted by pjsauter on November 26, 2010
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Did you hear? It’s Black Friday. :reaper: I know this, because every store I’ve ever made a purchase from (or even driven by) has been telling me so for about two months now. In case you don’t know what BF is all about, it means you have got to go out and buy shit. Lots of shit. It’s your patriotic duty, and, in order to do their part, fine American merchants are selling Korean, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Indonesian, and Mexican merchandise at deep, deep discounts in order to stimulate you. Yes, you! Home Depot, for instance, is selling a Rigid 16-gallon shop vac (technically not a shop vac, I guess, since Shop-Vac® is a registered trademark) for a mere $28.88. Although they’re probably sold out by now, since the Depot opened up at 5AM (plenty of time for you West Coasters to get out there, though). I have two Shop-Vacs already (official ones, too – an old red and black one that I use for the pellet stove, and a big ass yellow and black one that I use mostly for wet pickup), but still feel compelled to by another. I could keep it in the basement. But I won’t.

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Turkey Day

Posted by pjsauter on November 25, 2010
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Thanks to everybody for everything. Except for Time Warner, who, I just found out, wants me to pay extra to get the NFL Network. So, no Jets game for me tonight. Oh well, it’s on too damn late anyway. Y’all have a good day, whatever it is you’re doing.

Turkey Eve

Posted by pjsauter on November 24, 2010
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Well, it’s official. Our Congressional District will now be ‘represented’ by a teabagger, who appears to have won by about 700 votes or something (and she’s not even good-lookin’; at least with Michele Bachman, she may be a horrible, crazy, bitch, but at least she’s easy on the eyes). Words cannot adequately express the shame I feel, which is only mitigated by the fact that the district was severely gerrymandered years ago, and it’s really the rednecks of Wayne County (who have absofrigginlutely no business being in the same CD as we are), who put this…person into office. That’s the last goddamn bit of non-sports news I’m gonna pay attention to for the foreseeable future. Well, except for TSA gropings. And Dancing with the Stars, of course. Oh, and the upcoming Royal Wedding (did you hear? They set a date and everything, and it’s gonna be a national holiday – for the Brits, not for us, sadly – and she’s so gorgeous and elegant, and he’s so dreamy…and oh my God wouldn’t it be just freakin’ awesome if they were on Dancing with the Stars next season!).

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Let the Eagle Soar – I’ll Stay on the Ground

Posted by pjsauter on November 23, 2010
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TSATraveling this week? Congratulations! You may be selected to spend some intimate, quality time with this guy from the TSA (who looks a bit like Markos Moulitsas’ older brother – only not quite as creepy). So if you’ve got a thing for latex gloves, you’re in for a treat. Howie Kurtz says the media (you know, that monster that he, apparently, isn’t a part of) has really blown all this stuff out of proportion, and that 99 percent of travelers have been unaffected by the TSA’s new “grope-a-dope” policy. Let’s see, at roughly 150,000 flights per day, with, oh, I dunno, say an average of 100 people per flight, 1% comes to a mere, what, 1.5 million people getting the rubber glove treatment for the crime of trying to get home to see grandma for the holidays. See? That’s nothing. Hopefully Howie will get to experience the full grope for himself wherever he may go this weekend. As for me, I don’t plan on flying anywhere ever again, anyway. It was way too much of a pain in the ass before. Now? Fuggeduboutit. I’ll go flying on my tractor instead.

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Posted by pjsauter on November 22, 2010
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Thanks to Sue for posting Mr FK’s report from yesterday. An excellent job, as always (Mr, that is – though Sue did an excellent job as always, too). The only thing that would have made the report a little better would have been if Mr. signed off with, “…and by they way, Christi, “some” say you look like a dude in drag, unlike Richard Engle, who looks like a woman in drag.” Of course, then we might not be hearing from Mr. for a while.

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Posted by pjsauter on November 21, 2010
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I’m guessing there’s only one reason to pay attention to the news – and the boobleheads – today. And that would be because – as Okat told us yesterday – that rogue, insurgent, guerrilla (or maybe even gorilla), incredibly handsome, Edward R. Murrow (only better) reincarnation, intrepid reporter and defender of truth & justice, Mike “Hugh” Boettcher, has infiltrated the Goebbels network, and will have a story featured on ‘This Weak’ with Christi Amanpour. If you only watch one talking heads show today, make sure it’s this one. As for the rest? Eh, who gives a crap. Speaking of crap…

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