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Morning Seditionists

Looks Like We Made It

Posted by pjsauter on August 30, 2014
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Another 5-day week for me, and this was a tough one. Thank goodness I have three days off, as I seem to have contracted some sort of disease. Summer cold, sinus infection, free-radical poisoning from coconut oil left on the stove to fill the house up with smoke – I dunno. Whatever it is, it’s been long and lingering and has made it difficult to breathe and to sleep. I still have a pretty snotty head and a sore throat, but that part seems to be abating.

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Well, That Was Interesting

Posted by pjsauter on August 24, 2014
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Finally, the web host seems to have gotten things back up and running after being down for several hours. Not that they bothered to tell anybody there was a problem (I don’t expect a personal e-mail, I guess, but they have a “support” Twitter feed that I follow and there was nary a word). I guess they figure if nobody noticed, then it didn’t happen. I’d go with somebody else, but, well, they’re cheap. Not as cheap as they used to be, though.

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Long Week

Posted by pjsauter on August 22, 2014
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We were graced by the presence of Governor Andy yesterday as he arrived to officially open the NY State Fair on “Governor’s Day.” Since NY Governor’s typically come from south of the 42nd parallel (what we up here refer to as “Downstate”), I generally get the sense that they’re somewhere between bemused and annoyed at having to come up here to the provinces and pretend to think we’re not a bunch of redneck hicks (when Ed Koch ran for Governor in 1982, he remarked to Playboy Magazine that if you live up here, you’re “…wasting time in a pickup truck when you have to drive 20 miles to buy a gingham dress or a Sears Roebuck suit…. This rural America thing — I’m telling you, it’s a joke.” Unfortunately for Ed, one of his staffers subsequently showed him a map of NY that didn’t come from the cover of the New Yorker Magazine and he realized that to be the Guv, you gotta get the votes of at least a few of us losers up here). They’re expected to choke down one of our famous sausage sandwiches, eat some Dinosaur Barbeque, and feign interest in the livestock (“that’s a cow, right? I think they had those last year, too.”).

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Beginning of the End of the Summer

Posted by pjsauter on August 20, 2014
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It is with heavy heart that I note that tomorrow is the start of the Great NY State Fair (Governor’s Day, so we’ll be graced by the presence of St. Andrew of Cuomo). This means that after today there are only ten more days left of summer.

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Gilligan Has Left the Island

Posted by pjsauter on August 15, 2014
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No doubt you’re as saddened by the news that Gilligan Gregory has been shitcanned from Press the Meat as I am. Sad, mostly because they replaced him with Chuck Toad. But I guess when you have to clear your selection through John McCain and Li’l Lindsey Graham as well as the Comcast Board of Directors, you’re choices are somewhat limited. Me? I’d have gone with Luke “Timmy Jr” Russert.

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Sad Day

Posted by pjsauter on August 12, 2014
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I was gonna get up and bitch about having to go back to work today after being off for about 10 days. Then I saw the news about Robin Williams, and I guess I don’t feel like complaining about work. When I was a projectionist, we ran the hell out of ‘Dead Poets Society’ after having run the sneak for it a couple of weeks before it officially came out (one of the rare times the production company actually called after the show to ask about the audience reaction).

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Posted by pjsauter on August 6, 2014
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The weather around here hasn’t been horrible, but it hasn’t really cooperated the way we would have liked, what with the munchkins in for a visit. After a mostly OK day Monday, an unexpected (by me, anyway) downpour dumped almost four inches of rain on us in 90 minutes. Rather impressive. It rained a bit Tuesday night, and rained again yesterday afternoon as we attempted to celebrate four or five or something summer birthdays and it hasn’t been all that warm, either. Hey, it’s August here – let’s get some drought conditions going. We’ll be closing up the pool in about a month, ferchrissakes.

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