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Morning Seditionists


Posted by pjsauter on January 26, 2015
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The bad news is that there is what looks like a nasty Nor’easter headed up the east coast. Two or three feet of snow, 50 mph winds – oh, and it’s frickin’ cold out there. The good news is that none of that shit is gonna hit here where I live (except the goddamn cold). They say we’ll get maybe four inches of snow here today and a little more tomorrow. New York City isn’t gonna be so lucky (sorry, Sue). In fact a fleet of our spare snowplows are headed Downstate right now.

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Posted by pjsauter on January 20, 2015
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Get ready folks, for tonight President Obama’s presents his penultimate State of the Union address before Congress. And guess what? Everybody gets a pony! Everybody who doesn’t already have on, that is, as the Prez is going to propose raising taxes on the rich and giving the money to the not-so-rich. And let me tell ya, I’m confident that this proposal is going absolutely…. Nowhere.

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Happy Birthday, Bobby Lee

Posted by pjsauter on January 19, 2015
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Wherever you are today, I hope you have the day off. Did you know that in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is officially known as the Robert E. Lee/Martin Luther King holiday (in Virginia, it was known as Leeā€“Jackson Day until 2000, when they decided to move the celebration of Lee’s birthday to the Friday before MLK day, so presumably down there they get a 4-day weekend that begins with a rebel yell and ends with “we shall overcome”)? In fact, while today is not actually MLK’s birthday, Robert E. Lee was born 208 years ago today.

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Posted by pjsauter on January 14, 2015
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I suspect there’s a very good chance you haven’t been following the trial that’s been captivating locals in these parts for the past few days. No, not the hearing in Oswego County to see if there will be a new trial for the guy who was convicted 20 years ago of kidnapping and killing a high school girl named Heidi Allen despite the fact that there was not only no body, forensic evidence or eyewitness testimony but (as we are now learning) the Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney either ignored or deliberately covered up a shitload of evidence that the original defense was never allowed to see let alone present at trial (though, this is actually a pretty fascinating case for those of who remember all this going down back in 1994). But, no, the really big news around here is Rick Springfield’s killer ass.

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Lucky Man

Posted by pjsauter on January 13, 2015
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You might not of heard, but back in November, a fella named Harold Diamond (how apropos) from Sullivan County (what people downstate call Upstate and those of us upstate call Downstate) purchased a Mega Millions lottery ticket that turned out to be the largest winning ticket in NY State history – $326 million. Well, good for him. I hate to be ageist, but Harold is 80 years old, and, goddamnit, it doesn’t seem fair that a retired school principal who was probably already doing pretty well pension and SS wise should win while I have to continue to go out into the cold to work every day while watching the Republicans greedily prepare to gut my retirement. I’m not saying Hal should toss me a million or anything (though if you’re feeling generous, Harold, go for it), but maybe he could sign his pension over to me? Just a thought.

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Posted by pjsauter on January 7, 2015
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trying my best to ignore the “new” Congress. Republicans didn’t take long to wage a new attack on Social Security, this time in the form of a proposed rules change.

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Happy New Year

Posted by pjsauter on January 1, 2015
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As expected, I didn’t make it to midnight last night. Didn’t even try – I went to bed at about 9:30. Midnight is right in the middle of my first 3-hour sleep cycle, befor I get up to take a leak at 1:00, so I really didn’t want to be awake for it. Besides, I’ve seen the ball drop before and it’s really not that big a thrill. Plus Ryan Seacrest is no Dick Clark (I actually have no idea who Ryan Seacrest is – I’ve heard the name but have no idea what he’s “famous” for. Is he one of these American Idol made up celebrity things). And I rarely have a clue who these so-called music acts they have on are. Not that I was a big fan of Guy Lombardo, either.

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