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Morning Seditionists


Posted by pjsauter on April 28, 2015
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We’re not feeling very well at my house, and I haven’t got much to say. But I felt obligated to put something up here before everybody thought we croaked or something. Plus we got enough snow to be tied with Worcester for the Golden Snow Globe, and I knew everybody would want to know about that.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam….

Posted by pjsauter on April 17, 2015
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Well I hope everybody managed to file their tax returns on time Wednesday. For several years in a row now, I’ve not only been on time, but have filed early – thank goodness for TurboTax. When I was younger, I could file the “short form” for people who didn’t make any money or have any deductions. Not that I’m old and living the American Dream®, though, things are a lot more complicated. Leading up to April 15th, they always show the tax volunteers helping the old people fill out their forms on the local news (I think they teach it in Eyewitness News 101 – along with sending a reporter and camera crew out into the same fucking blizzard we all just drove home through in order to show us that, yes, it’s snowing out, and sending the Action News Team out to the mall on the day after Thanksgiving so those of us with common sense can sit and scoff at the morons trampling each other at Wal-Mart in an effort to save 25% on shit nobody really needs so they can give it to people they don’t really like), and I never know who to feel more sorry for – the people trying to get their taxes done, or the people asking the same questions over and over again.

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Is This It?

Posted by pjsauter on April 10, 2015
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I was awakened last night by the sound of thunder. Actually, I was awakened by a terrified doggie letting me know that there were some very scary howling winds and lightning. I was in the midst of a very interesting dream, too. Sadly, all I remember about it was that it was interesting – I can’t remember what was going on.

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Echo Location

Posted by pjsauter on April 9, 2015
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I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Amazon “Echo” or not. It was kind of in the news for a while when it was first introduced, but we haven’t heard a lot about it lately, mostly, I think, because they haven’t really shipped a lot of them. If you don’t know, it’s a little Pringles can size unit that has microphones and a speaker and it connects to your home WiFi. The idea is you can ask it questions or tell it to play music or whatever. I think it’s somewhat smarter than Siri (not exactly a high bar) but quite a bit more limited than “OK Google.” But the idea was it would add features and better integration as time went on. Really something that, to me, sounded both stupid and like something I wanted. Of course, as is the way of things these days, you needed to “request” an “invitation” for the privilege of spending your $200 on the thing, though Prime members would get it for half price. No way would I spend $200 on it, but $100 made me at least consider it ($49.99 would be better). So I procrastinated, but then the guy I work with said he ordered one and I hate to be left out, so I went for it.

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Happy Easter Monday

Posted by pjsauter on April 6, 2015
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If your neighborhood is anything like mine, and you went out for an early morning Sunday constitutional, you were treated to the sound of…. Generators. Yeah. We were treated to an Easter power outage. I woke up at some point very early yesterday morning with the full moon shining in my eyes. I thought to myself, “golly, what a nice quiet morning.” I rolled over to see what time it was, but, alas, my Internet clock/radio was dark. I knew the radio part was off before I looked at it, because I go to sleep (to the extent that I actually sleep) listening to the Old Time Radio channel, and it had gone quiet at some point overnight. I figured I must have accidentally pulled the power cable out (I do that sometimes – the headphone cable gets wrapped around the power cables from the two – yeah, two; sucks to be old – heating pads I sleep with, and one good turn can send the whole thing crashing down). So the next thing I tried was my bedside lamp. A brief whimper of light as the LEDs used up the last bit of juice stored in the capacitor, and then darkness. Well shit.

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