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Morning Seditionists

Gotta Get ‘er Done

Posted by pjsauter on October 24, 2015
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It’s not supposed to totally suck this weekend, so I really need to get a couple of things done. First off is to cut the grass one last time and maybe put the cab on (but maybe not – we’ll have to see). I also need to finish up some fencing. There’s plenty more to do, too, but if I just get those things done, I’ll be satisfied.

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Happy Columbo Day

Posted by pjsauter on October 12, 2015
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Every year, some buffoon trots out the idea of doing away with today’s holiday (which is probably only a holiday for state and federal workers, but, hey, since I’m one of those I aint gonna complain). I have no real affection for Columbus (other than I kind of get a kick out of celebrating somebody who thought he was in India and gets credited for discovering a place where people were already living and where the Vikings were already playing football some 500 years before him), but we need more holidays around here, not fewer. So if you want to rename it “Native American Day” or something (think of the irony in that one – not to mention the holiday sales event on cigarettes and a free spin at the slots) that’s fine – just don’t take my day off away.

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