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Morning Seditionists

When It Absolutely Positively Has To Be There Overnight…

Posted by pjsauter on February 27, 2016
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…send it UPS.

So you may recall my whining about my fancy new beer machine being shipped without all the parts required to actually brew beer. This was rather disappointing, but I know that shit happens. So I e-mailed the company that makes it and got a prompt reply (as prompt as it gets, considering the company is in New Zealand – which is 18 hours ahead of me, time-wise) apologizing and stating that they’d get those parts out ASAP. That was pretty much all I heard for a week or so, so I e-mailed them again and asked, hey, have these parts shipped yet and/or is there any tracking number? ‘Cuz I was really hoping to brew a batch this weekend (actually I was really hoping to brew last weekend, but never mind).

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Ice Age

Posted by pjsauter on February 17, 2016
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For the most part, it’s been a pretty mild winter here in the Great White North, so we were cautiously optimistic that the weather would be decent when my stepdaughter and the grandkids came to visit. So of course they flew in on the coldest Valentine’s Day in history, with the official temp hitting -23 (and colder out our way). It finally warmed up a bit yesterday, at which point we were blasted by freezing rain up until the rain turned to snow. I plowed about 5 inches of slush out of the driveway in the morning, and another 6 inches or so of snow in the evening. It was fortunate I didn’t have to go anywhere, because the commute both ways would have been a real mess.

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Civic Doody

Posted by pjsauter on February 6, 2016
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So, in case you’re interested in what the New York State Unified Court System wasted what is probably a ridiculous amount of time and tax dollars on this week (not to mention I, personally am out over $20 for parking and whatnot – though they did buy us lunch on Thursday because we were sequestered while deliberating), here’s the gist of what it was all about. Before I go on, I will say that everybody involved on the court side of things seemed to understand what a pain in the ass jury duty is, and they seemed to go out of their way to try and make it as positive an experience as possible.

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