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Morning Seditionists

A Very Humpy Hump Day

Posted by pjsauter on August 31, 2016
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So, here I am in Dilbert world. This new office location is a confusing labyrinth of cubicles, and midway through day 3 I almost know where I’m going (as long as I’m going back and forth from my cell to the break room, bathroom, or the back stairwell where I sneak out at the end of the day). If I stand up, I at least have a view of a window, which means I can kinda see the building across the street.

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Official Beginning of the Unofficial End

Posted by pjsauter on August 25, 2016
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Today marks the beginning of the NY State fair here, which ends on Labor Day. Basically summer is over, and I’ll be closing up the pool before you know it. I’m desperately hoping for a long Autumn. Like, one that lasts until February. Yesterday was the unveiling of the butter sculpture (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you be telling what it is). Day One of the Fair is Governor’s Day so we’ll be graced by the presence of hizzoner Governor Snotball himself today, and no doubt treated to photos of him choking down a sausage sandwich while pretending to be one of the common folk. At least when Bill and Hillary came here, you knew Bill was digging the food (probably being at least partly responsible for his ensuing bypass surgery).

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End of an Era

Posted by pjsauter on August 19, 2016
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It was a sad day around the office today. We’re moving to a new location and leaving our current digs behind. Not that I had the greatest office in the world (a stark, windowless room that was generally either freezing cold or too damnhot – usually too damn hot). But it was in a suburban office park with plenty of free parking and easy lunchtime or after work access to places like Home Depot, Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, Harbor Freight – you name it, we got it out here – we are moving to a downtown location with not much around it other than expensive restaurants, congested streets (by our standards anyway) and urban blight. Not to mention having to pay to park. And while I shared my office with a couple other guys (one who was rarely there, so mostly just the two of us), it at least wasn’t a cube farm, which is where I’m heading to. Yup. Dilbert World. It’s not something any of us are looking forward to, that’s for sure. I’ll now have to take a day off to visit my dentist, who is roughly a minute away from where I work now, or to get my free Toyota Care, which is roughly five minutes from where I am now. It’s all rather depressing. On the bright side, the movers were there early so I packed up and was out of the office before noon (though I’m on-call, so I’m never really away from work).

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Going for the Gold

Posted by pjsauter on August 6, 2016
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The Olympics opening ceremony (or is it ceremonies?) was last night, and apparently viewers in the US had to wait for “prime time” to watch it on NBC (meaning a 4-hour delay out west). I say apparently, because I not only didn’t watch it, I really don’t give a shit about the Olympics. Still, many people do, and they were simply OUTRAGED about it. And the commercials. And the fatuous prattling of the idiotic “Today Show” crew.

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Posted by pjsauter on August 1, 2016
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50 years ago today, after killing his wife and his mother, 25 year old Charles Whitman ascended the University of Texas clock tower with a shitload of firearms, and spent about an hour and a half shooting people before the cops managed to kill him. 14 dead, 30 wounded in what the news keeps telling me was the first mass shooting on a college campus (I don’t condone his actions, of course, but I support his right to bear arms – lots and lots or arms). See, we need to have various categories for these things. First mass shooting at a college, first at an elementary school, high school, movie theatre, McDonalds…. So if you want to be a pioneer in the field of mass shootings here in the US of A, you need to get creative.

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