As we wait to see if we’ll be buried in snow today (still very much dependent on which way the wind blows), we’re all celebrating Pi Day. I have, I think, 5 Raspberry Pis (that looks too much like raspberry piss, which I think would scare the raspberry shit out of me), none of which are currently doing more than collecting dust. I got the most recent on last Pi day, when it was on sale for $3.14. At one point, I had two acting as media (mostly video) clients and one hooked up to my workshop stereo as a music client. They’ve all been replaced by better (and by better, I of course mean “more expensive”) solutions at this point. One of these days I’ll find a project for them (I saw one where a guy used it with a camera module to remotely pilot a Roomba – if I can do that, much fun will be had chasing the dogs and cat around).

Last night, our beloved Governor issued a statement saying all “non-essential” state workers could stay home (and off the roads) today without having to charge their time accruals. I’m not sure what makes this storm so much worse than what we refer to up here as “winter” but it was a nice gesture. As I was contemplating that announcement (it was on the news – not like anybody had officially notified us), a clarification came from one of our “C” people – basically saying we are ALL considered essential (which of course made me feel very important) and we should get our asses into work. Though it said certain departments would have their own discretion. OK, well, that was clear as mud.

Then my boss’ boss sent us an e-mail saying, basically, that our safety was the most important thing and if we didn’t feel safe driving in, we shouldn’t. Note to managers and supervisors everywhere – if you want to get the most out of the folks who work for you, this is the way to treat them.

So, seeing as things really didn’t seem bad this morning, I figured I’d go ahead and go to work. I mean, we had some really horrible commutes this year and nobody seemed to care. But then I saw a revised snow map, and then they closed the schools, and then my boss e-mailed us and said, basically, “hey, just work from home today.”

Well, OK. You only have to twist my arm so much. And this way I can make sure the driveway’s plowed out so the wife can get in (‘cuz her work doesn’t much give a shit about her safety or even how many hours she works – for free).

The real problem with this storm is that whatever snow we get will be wet and heavy. That and strong winds make it difficult to plow – and can take down power lines and trees. Fortunately the leaves aren’t out yet, so hopefully we’re good there.

I just hope this is the last of the shitty weather for this year. I could use a nice, warm, sunny spring and summer (and fall).