Today is National Puppy Day. Pretty much every day is puppy day at my house, but it’s nice to see the rest of the country celebrate. And if there’s one thing we really need more of these days around here, it’s puppies. So don’t forget to hug your puppy(s) today, and if you don’t have a puppy, go hug somebody else’s (unless you’re famous like Trump, you should probably ask first).

After three feet or whatever it was of snow last week, we actually had a couple of decent days, weather-wise. Not exactly balmy, but after a cold and crappy start to official spring, it was kind of sunny one day there, and I think it may have actually gotten close to 40. In a fit of uncharacteristic optimism, I ordered pool-opening chemicals. So now I’m all ready to go.

As punishment, and in light (or in spite) of the (know what I mean) vernal equinox, the weather turned to shit once again, and got really fucking cold. As cold as it was yesterday, it was even colder this morning – down into the single digits as we began our trek to work.

On the bright side (literally), it’s a clear, sunny day out there today. I know, because I walked a scant five yards or so near a window. And they say it’s gonna get all the way up to 35 degrees (above) today. So that’s nice. And even warmer, tomorrow – which would also be nice if it didn’t mean it was going to get rainy. After we start out with ice pellets, of course.

So since tomorrow is take public transportation home day, it means I should be able to enjoy a refreshing trek to the transportation “hub” in a 40’ish degree driving rain. I only hope it’s really windy, too, as that would be the epitome of springtime for Syracuse (and Germany).

Speaking of puppies, I have to take one of mine to the vet on Saturday. Nothing bad – just her annual checkup and vaccinations, which will be traumatic enough. If not for her, then definitely for me. I would honestly rather take myself to the doctor (or dentist, even) than take the varmints to the vet. And that’s saying a lot, because one thing I definitely am not is a doctor person.

This year, at least, I have them spread out one per month. This is Peggy’s month, next month is Bud (who is definitely the biggest pain in the ass), and then finally it’s Fritzi in May. I’ll be glad to get it over, but it sure makes it hard to look forward to the weekend.