I have not been feeling very well the past few days. Just a bit of a cold – nothing major or life-threatening (at least, I hope not. I can imagine relating the story down the road, “it all started out with cold symptoms – boy was I surprised when it turned out to be meningitis!”), but the usual crappy cold-like symptoms – headache, sore throat, drippy nose (that’s got to be to illness what fungus gnats are to etymology). Not enough to put you down for the count (or even justify calling in sick) – just enough to piss you off and make you feel irritable and crappy.

Then, in addition to the general Trumpian cloud of despair that we find ourselves living under (fun fact, Trump Jr says he wants to run for Governor, because NYC mayor isn’t good enough for him. Now there’s a thrilling idea for my fellow NYers. I’d dismiss it as a sick joke of an idea that could never happen, but….), I went to let the dogs out at 4:00 this morning, and was greeted by a couple inches of snow on the ground. Well, isn’t that special.

Now, it’s certainly not unheard of for that to happen around here in April, it was definitely an unwelcome (and unexpected – I’d heard there might be some snow, but I was thinking a few flakes in the air, not actual accumulation) sight.

I mean, I feel like shit to begin with, I have to hear about President Ass Wipe every day, there’s potential for Governor Baby Wipe, and now it’s fucking snowing. How much am I supposed to be expected to deal with before I snap?

Well, at least it’s Friday. And it looks like we have a new war or two to look forward to (not to mention all the upcoming “how manly and presidential that Trump guy is” news stories that we’re about to be inundated with).

I sure picked a bad year to quit drinking beer.