So, the asshole guy in Montana won the special election and will represent that state in the United States Congress (not that one more or less asshole Republican in Congress really makes any difference). I’m sure that surprises no one – it was both predictable and inevitable that the people who would vote for that asshole (he’s a “Trump Man” after all) in the first place would only see this as even more justification for voting for him now. The only thing that surprises me is just how fucking irritated I seem to be over the whole thing. We’re not getting out of this mess anytime soon, and that’s basically for one reason.

People suck. Oh, not all people, for sure. Maybe mot even most people. But not an insignificant minority either – there are certainly more than enough small-minded, ignorant, insecure, and just plain stupid people ripe for being taken advantage of by the corrupt kleptocracy and election by marketing campaign and disinformation (dare I say, “fake news”) institutions known colloquially in the US as the “three branches of government” to give us what we’ve got – which is a big steaming pile of crap running the show.

I find it all exhausting. I’m tired of the people who think “talkin’ tough” and being “strong” is somehow more desirable than being intelligent and thoughtful. I’m tired of the talking head types who roll their eyes at “We the Pitiful” naive simps who don’t understand how the “game” is played (Cokie Roberts comes to mind but there are plenty of others).

I’m tired of people who crave attention so badly they jump up and down yelling “look at me! Look at me!” and then whine that everybody sucks and “I hate you all!” because they aren’t getting the attention they so badly crave.

I’m tired of getting up and doing something every day that is, at best, killing me with boredom and at its worst is killing me with stress and anxiety.

I’m tired of living in a world where the worst among us make the rules.

I’m tired of not having a beer (or six).

Mostly I’m just tired.

Thank god it’s Friday, even if I am on call (for free – pretty fucking tired of that, too) all weekend.