Words cannot adequately describe how I feel to be back at work today. I was kind of counting on our President declaring today a national holiday in honor of the life and death of one of his heroes and role models, Manuel Noriega. Maybe next year.

But, man, this is gonna be a tough day.

Frtzi was all upset this morning, what with dark skies and impending rain, I guess (I dunno, maybe he’s sensitive to low pressure systems or something). I tried to give him a couple of “happy” pills that I scored from the vet at his last appointment (haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet) before I left, in peanut butter, but he wouldn’t take them. I didn’t have time to figure out an alternative, so I guess he’s on his own. And I’m stuck with a couple of peanut butter smeared pills that will probably be turned to mush by the time I get home.

And the really heave storms are slated to arrive this afternoon and tonight. Oh boy.

I’m already somewhat sleep-deprived (and even grumpier than I’d normally be coming off a three-day weekend), because he got all upset last night due to it being breezy out, or something. I don’t know – it really wasn’t violently windy or anything, so I don’t know what his problem was. All I know is I had to get up with them all (because, you know, the only time you can get just one culled from the herd is when you want all three), let them all out to bark at the deer or whatever nocturnal critters were lurking around out there, and then close all the windows so he hopefully wouldn’t hear whatever it was that was bothering him.

So, needless to say (so why say it, right?), not much sleep for me. And worse, now I’m at work and in a pretty foul mood, I must say (though I hide it well). Good thing I shouldn’t have to interact with many people (I pity the fool who comes and disturbs the sanctity of my cube). Just the shuttle bus driver this morning, who’s such a pleasant kid, it’s tough to be an angry old man around her, and the other regular morning shuttle passenger, who is nice enough and probably about as thrilled as I am to be back at work today.

I’d already pretty much decided to take Friday off and about halfway up the stair this morning, I made the executive decision to tack Thursday on as well (assuming nothing comes up between now and then, of course – but I need to strike while I’m not on call). So I just need to get through a day in my prison cube today, work from home tomorrow, and then I can relax and look forward to how thrilled I’ll be to walk in the door next Monday.

Just please, let me get through this day.