So Kathy Griffin held up a bloody, severed Trump head in a photo. I don’t know the context, if there was any, but I guess she was trying to be funny, and this wasn’t seen as funny by, really, anybody. To me, this is not surprise, because (while I confess to not being terribly familiar with her) I’ve rarely found Kathy Griffin to be particularly funny. I could be wrong – maybe she’s a real hoot. But anyway, this wasn’t funny, especially to the sensitive, in-touch with their feminine sides (that’s not a sexist thing to say these days, is it? If so, I apologize) Republicans (as opposed, to, say, kicking the shit out of a reporter, or hanging Obama in effigy, or depicting him as a witch doctor complete with nose bone, or any of those other truly high-sterical Ted Nugent utterances). But it also wasn’t particularly funny to me – if for no other reason than I despise looking at that ugly pig-orangutan hybrid’s puss, whether it’s attached to his shoulders or not. It also wasn’t funny because it gave the jack-booted Konservatives an opportunity to express faux outrage and blather on about how awful “Liberals” are – as if this Kathy Griffin person represents all Liberals and liberal ideas.

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