It’s Flag Day, and who doesn’t feel like going out there and waving Old Glory in celebration of our Dear Leader? I know I do. In fact, I find it incredibly unpatriotic that today isn’t a national holiday. In fact, the whole damn week ought to be – at least as long as there’s a Trump (or Trump-in-law) in the White House, which ought to keep up covered for the next, oh, I dunno, 31 years or so – which should pretty much be the end of me (if not of life as we know it). Plus there aren’t any holidays in June – a month (along with August), that is in desperate need of a holiday or two. Somebody needs to ask Uncle Vlad to get on this.

In other patriotic news, our glorious, um, what is he again? Attorney General. Yeah, our Attorney General, the honorable Jefferson Davis Beauregard Sessions III testified (sort of) before the Senate “Intelligence” Committee yesterday and either “nailed it” (if you’re a Trumpite) or obstructed the investigation – if not justice – (if you’re a sane, impartial observer). Which I guess means that either way, he “nailed it.”

When it comes to righteous indignation while lying through your teeth, nothing beats a Foghorn Leghorn wannabe. He should have had a couple of House Slaves (nope, not gonna go where Bill Maher went) fanning him with palm leaves and peeling grapes for him while he tried to overcome the vapors brought on by the mere suggestion that he “participated in any collusion or that [he] was aware of any collusion with the Russian government.”

I dare say, he fairly swooned.

Oh, and that WOMAN that somehow snuck into the proceeding! Somebody let their maid into the hearing and allowed her to pretend to be a senator. How disrespectful she was (and her name is KAMALA? WTF – that don’t sound American. I bet she’s a Mooslam).

At least the aptly named Republican Chairman Dick Burr set her straight. Or, to quote Foghorn Leghorn,

“Oh, that woman, got a mouth like an outboard motor.”

Well, enough of this jocularity. Time to get to work.