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Morning Seditionists

Whitehouse Rock

Posted by pjsauter on July 28, 2017
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It occurs to me that we’re not getting La Cosa Trumpa (remember when Mike Malloy used to refer to the “Bush Crime Family” – HA! Small potatoes. Now we’ve got the cast of Goodfellas running the show, with Joe Pesci as Communications Director) out of the White House anytime soon. I’m no expert on the law or what constitutes an impeachable offense (seems to me there’s plenty to choose from here), but I kind of understand the way things work, and given craven greed and cowardice of everybody who can actually do anything about this, I think it’s fair to say we’ll be lucky to get off with a four-year sentence, if not eight. What I do know is that majority rules in the Reichstag, and as long as what passes for the Republican Party these days thinks they can control their useful idiot Bohemian Corporal, they’ll stand with him. Or at least near him. At any rate, as long as these – for lack of a better term – people hold even a single vote majority, we’re stuck with this bunch (and even if they somehow managed to impeach this fucker, there’s no way 2/3 of the Senate will vote to convict. I mean, when it’s a huge “victory” to barely defeat this “skinny” repeal vote that nobody on either side actually wanted to see pass, it just aint gonna happen.

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Aint No Big Thing

Posted by pjsauter on July 12, 2017
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OK, sure. I entered the bank that night hoping to grab as much money as I could carry. But it turns out the safe was empty. So, nothing to see here you lying fake news bastards. If only Dick Hickock and Perry Smith had known about this defense, the Clutters would still be alive. Well, the kids maybe. I guess the parents would be over 100. But you get what I mean – if you try to do something illegal, immoral, or just plain not nice, and you don’t get what you want, then you didn’t do anything wrong (unless you’re Catholic, of course, in which case – as my mother and George Carlin could tell you – it’s thought, word, and deed so we’re all going to hell). But if you’re a God-fearing Republican, then you’re covered (also, if you don’t get caught, don’t admit to anything, and then declare that even if you did do what you didn’t do, it’s OK because there was nothing illegal about doing it, and, anyway, everybody else does it, plus “Crooked Hillary”, am I right?).

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Happy Anniversary

Posted by pjsauter on July 11, 2017
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Today’s my wife’s anniversary, so wish her luck because as much as a pain in the ass as her husband’s been for the past 19 years, it doesn’t look like things will be getting any easier over the next 19. Yeah, hard to believe it’s only already been 19 years since I agreed to something or other that I couldn’t actually hear because they apparently decided to divert all air traffic over my in-law’s back yard. I guess I should have known something was up when I was told to wear a suit and there was a tent set up with food and stuff. As I recall there were a bunch of candles and a 90 mph wind that managed to set a lace tablecloth on fire, and then my fate was sealed.

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Posted by pjsauter on July 9, 2017
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In the morning while I get up and eat my oatmeal and check the Internets, I’ve gotten accustomed to putting the teevee on on my computer. Once upon a time (prior to last November) I used to put the lo-cal news on but these days I find that horribly aggravating and not very good for my health (even though my BP seems to be good – kinda low most of the time, to be honest – doesn’t seem to be worth taking the risk of a blood vessel blowing out in my brain), so I tend to put on something easier on the mind. Usually one of the Science Channels, but occasionally I might watch one of the three flavors of Law and Order that are more or less on 24/7 (you can find all three in the AM as early as I get up). I think this will be ending in November when the price of PlayStation Vue goes up $10. It’s on the border of not being worth it to me at $35 a month – for $45, I don’t think so, and the promise of adding local channels isn’t worth it. But we’ll see – on the odd chance that SU Football doesn’t suck (again) this fall, I might keep it around for the sports.

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Happy Cuatro de Julio

Posted by pjsauter on July 4, 2017
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Holidays that aren’t on Mondays or Fridays usually kind of suck. At least for those of us who weren’t able to take the preceding (or following) day off. Being on call this week, I fall into that category, so not only did I have to work yesterday (though I did it from home, which kinda took the edge off a bit), but I’m on call today (and, in fact, I’ve gotten one call so far that I had to deal with, and now I’ll be worried all night about what else might happen) so I couldn’t really do much of anything even if I was still the kind of person who actually did things. So I feel relatively fortunate that I don’t have any friends or plans to grill up some burgers and drink beer today. Mostly my plans involve wasting time going to Home Depot for shit they claimed to have in stock but didn’t, and then cobbling something else together that didn’t work either. So, yeah, so far so good. Later, I guess I’ll do some laundry and then of course get my lunch ready so I can go back to work tomorrow (where I have to attend a stupid meeting).

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