So, it’s September now with Labor Day weekend almost upon us (or already upon a lot of us, judging by the lack of people in the office today). It was a rather crisp 41 degrees here this morning. I don’t know if that’s the coldest it’s been since our alleged “summer” began, but it felt pretty goddamn cold to me. So cold that, though I hated to do it, I decided to wear my dungaree jacket this morning. I thought I’d regret it as the day warmed up (which isn’t going to be by much), but it’s f*cking freezing (or I, at least, and freezing) here in the office, so I’m actually wearing it now. I just wish I had some mittens with me.

Unfortunately, I’m really not feeling so great today. Freezing to death is just one thing – I’ve had a headache for a couple of days now, and I’m just feeling not altogether right today. Hopefully that’ll get better when I leave, but my throat feels kind of scratchy and my nose has been drippy. And my head aint right (more – or maybe less – than usual).

It’s pretty astonishing what’s going on down there in Texas. Looks like we’re going to get some rain from it even all the way up here – though of course nothing near what those poor folks are dealing with.

And now hurricane Irma is on the way to the Atlantic Coast. Last I heard, it may or may not hit anywhere from the Caribbean, Florida, the Carolinas, or not at all. You never really know which way these things will head, so I’m sure everybody on the Atlantic Coast has one eye on the radar map at this point.

Again, up here, the worst we’ll ever get is a lot of rain (though it’ll be measured in inches, not feet). That’s one of the benefits of living in an inconsequential little town in the middle of nowhere – no hurricanes, rarely any tornadoes, and no earthquakes (maybe a little window rattler every 20 years or so, but nothing you’d notice if you’re asleep or in the shower). Yeah, it snows a little, which can be a pain in the ass, but is rarely destructive. And if it comes down to it, you can just hang out and watch teevee (or even read a book or two) until it melts.

Still, much as I prefer a little Lake Effect snow (or even a Nor’easter) to a hurricane, the chill in the air and the thought of winter coming (and everything it brings with it, like seemingly perpetual darkness and White Walkers) is kind of depressing. Especially knowing that (once again) I failed to accomplish even a fraction of my summer “must do” list, and now have to move on to thinking about (if not actually doing) accomplishing all my pre-winter chores.

Speaking of annoying but not particularly destructive (to anybody but themselves), it’s the season opener for SU football tonight. If you want tickets, don’t worry. There should be plenty available (cheap).

A rather long recent (and not so recent) history of losing seasons combined with what is not exactly a “name” opponent in Central Connecticut State, the start of Labor Day weekend, the NY State Fair, and the fact that the game is being broadcast on lo-cal teevee all combine for less than stellar ticket sales.

Sometimes I wonder why they even bother to open the season on this weekend (or at least at home). But if you believe all the experts, it should at least be an easy win (I’ve seen too many SU football games in my time to take much for granted, personally) and there aren’t likely to be many of those (easy or otherwise) this season. So maybe I’ll watch for a bit.

That is, if this crappy day ever ends.

Everybody stay dry and enjoy the weekend.