If you live in Florida, you’re hopefully on the road to somewhere safe (or already there) and aren’t reading this right now. At the moment, Irma is whomping Cuba and getting ready to turn north to Florida. My brother and his life live down there (not in Miami, but in the West Palm Beach vicinity, I think), and his kids and grandkids are also in the area. It’s not the first hurricane they’ve gone through, but it looks like it’ll be the worst. They aren’t supposed to get the flooding that Texas got, and last I heard they weren’t evacuating. But I think they’re all pretty busy right now, and I expect once they lose power, it’ll be out for a while.

It’s the critters I worry about more than anything. Based on the continuous stream of puppies that get rescued from death in the Bible Belt and sent up here for adoption, they don’t seem to treat them all that well in that part of the world, even in the good times. So this kind of shit is really sad. Anyhow, good luck to everybody down that way – even to you Trump voters and climate change deniers. To paraphrase the Jesus people – it’s OK if you don’t believe in climate change, it believes in you. Or, actually, like your imaginary God, it doesn’t really give a shit about you either way. It just is. But if praying makes you feel better, by all means go for it. I’d pray for a standby generator, personally. But it might be a little late for this one.