Well, finally, our long national nightmare is over, and our brave Democratic “leaders” have erased the stain of the serial kisser, “hands-on” junior Senator from Minnesota. Particular thanks goes out to my two Senators – Chuck Schumer and Kirstin Gillenbrand – who led the way. Well, Chuck didn’t lead the way so much as jump in at the end, but it was still a bold move on everybody’s part. Bold, because now, surely, the Republicans will be shamed into withdrawing support for Roy Moore and his ridiculously tiny pistol (I mean, I’m not a gun guy, but I fail to see where waving that little thing around would even impress the teenage girls at the shopping mall), and will be calling upon Obergropenführer Donald Drumpf to resign. icon_rolleyes

Now, full disclosure, I’m a man. And as such, I’m not actually entitled to have an opinion on any of this stuff. Or, more accurately, I’m only entitled to have exactly one opinion and that opinion needs to be absolute because nuance is not allowed (it’s kind of like the “zero tolerance” for drugs in school thing – I don’t care if it’s only aspirin that your mother gave you to take to school because you’re feeling kinda crappy, you’re expelled!). Being a typical wishy-washy liberal type, I have very few absolute opinions (beyond pedophilia is bad and if you hurt an animal, you should be shot. I guess if I was a Christian, I could do away with both of those). As such I don’t really have anything to say about any of this, other than I’ll be proud when the seven ideologically pure Senate Democrats are taking the high road against their 42 Republican counterparts – and Bernie Sanders.

This is of course all part of that great Democratic strategy that lost the House, lost the Senate, lost the White House, and lost the Supreme Court. You know, that strategy where they eat their own but the “leadership” chides their members for even mentioning the “I” word – let alone voting for it. I mean, can’t rock the boat when things are going so well, right?

Now, I obviously don’t know Al Franken. His humor is sometimes funny, but often kind of schlocky. His writing has been brilliant at times. Maybe he’s a dirtbag, I don’t know. He strikes me as more of a touchy-feely old-school showbiz type than a sexual predator. But, hey, what do I know?

So maybe the country is better off with a guy like Al Franken out of the Senate. I don’t know.

What I do know is that the Democrats are Making America Great Again.

If I could, I’d award them the Neville Chamberlain “Profiles in Courage” award.