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Brother Marc Speaks to the Maronites

The Book of Maron, Chapter 6, Verse 23: In those days, a dark beast called the Goldberg did walk upon the earth, destroying whatever funny it came upon, and rending the land asunder, leaving black swaths of mediocrity wherever it tread. And so it is written, that when all did look its bleakest, Brother Marc appeared before his followers, and spoketh these words (and spittith a bit whilst he did so, and those upon whom he spat, did rejoice) :

Brother MarcI gotta be honest, folks, this is the first time I have ever posted on a blog of any kind. I thought you should know what’s up. Brendan McDonald, Jim Earl and I have been working hard out here in the land where dreams come to die. We’ve been building the show, doing test shows, recording comedy bits, intros, outros, Jim songs (yes), finding new guests, and waiting to get on the air. It looks like we’ll have a launch date next week. The show will be live here in LA from 10PM-12AM. I have no control over what the network does as far as making the show available. I assume that KTLK AM 1150 will offer a live stream but I also know that is too late for folks on the east coast. I know there were initially plans to use material from my show on the morning shows but we’ve sent stuff we’ve recorded to New York and they don’t seem to be using it. We’ll see what happens when the show gets going.

I miss you folks. Everything out here is, well, pretty good. It’s nice to feel like I live in my house. It’s great to hang out with my wife (who is currently on the couch watching a live Iron Maiden DVD and singing along). The cats are all hanging out together. There’s still plenty of hissing and fighting but they are integrating. I bought a standard, four cylinder Camry and frankly I’m not thrilled with it. I’m chomping at the bit to get on the air and get the new funny going. We’re going to have plenty of comics, characters and righteous neurotic rage and yuks. We’re trying to create a late night hang out vibe so people will want to drop by and chat into the night. I talked to Tim Robbins on the phone yesterday and he’s going to help me out with some bookings. I’m going to see him at the stage version of George Orwell’s 1984 out here at The Actor’s Playhouse.He directed the show. I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll talk to you all soon. I’ve got to go outside and tend to my friend who I accidentally pushed out of my tree house two days ago. He’s hurt pretty bad but I just don’t want to tell anyone until I have my story straight. I’m just going bring him some water, tell him I didn’t mean to do it and to hang in there just a little while longer, maybe until we get on the air. Jim is generally good about these types of things and he’s hilarious when he is screaming in pain.

Comment by marc maron — February 17, 2006 @ 2:50 am

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  1. jasonwkinney

    What was this Friday? And I missed it? That sucks! Who did the painting that’s pretty wild! How did this end up on my site meter? I’m completely confused! Yeeeeeaaahhh! Marc! Yeeeeaaaahhhh! :fire::sammy::sheep::bow::rabbi::priest::menorah::bong::40:

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