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Morning Seditionists

Seditionist Unite!

Use this page to talk about ideas for a gathering (or multiple gatherings) of Seditionists. Do we want a bunch of meetups? A gathering at a hotel or convention center (maybe try and get Marc, Jim, Kent, Mark, Dan, K-Lo, Bruce, Mike, Clutch, and the rest of the crew – or some combination thereof – to show up, ala – dare I say it – a Trek convention)? You don’t think we’d scare them too badly, do you? Or maybe a weekend camping excursion (tents, bonfires, cookouts)? Where and when? Or maybe not at all? There are around 160 registered blogeraters, and another 100 or so registered in the discussion forums. We average about 400 visitors a day between the two, so with family, friends, pets and neighbors, so we ought to be able to get a good party going.

12 thoughts on “Seditionist Unite!”

  1. DocFeelgood

    I think a sheeple “fold-in” would be a lot of fun to get together.
    I enjoy this “flock” more than any other, so why not?
    I’m in Rhode Island. I imagine NYC would be convenient for a critical mass of sheeple.

  2. Kristapea

    Multiple gatherings seem more practical. If there were a gathering in LA and Ny that may work for the most number of people in the US(see frappr map), plus one in Japan and where ever else anyone wants to gather in the world. Although, I don’t know anyone well enough in LA to have a free place to stay.

  3. citizenkahn

    I was thinking we could do a couple things:

    * If Marc’s touring, we could do regional meetups around his shows, although obviously they wouldn’t be simultaneous.

    * We can have several “centers,” like the Tri-State area (NY); LA; maybe New Mexico (in honor of Marc’s heritage); Boston (in honor of where he went to school); and Florida (where his mom now lives). Or is that still too heavily centered on the East Coast?

    More to come, I’m really procrastinating this morning.

    But I’ll leave you with a few menu items:

    PBJ (’cause it’s Peanut-Butter-Jelly time!)
    Slim Jims (for K-Lo the Costco ho)
    M&Ms (nuff said)

    Feel free to add to the list!

  4. brilliantatbreakfast

    I think regional gatherings on the same day at the same time with a conference call would be cool…we used to do this with Dean campaign house parties. I don’t know how the logistics would be handled in terms of the technology, but it shouldn’t be hard to find a place in NYC to meet…perhaps one of the old haunts, like City Bakery or O’Neal’s.

  5. pjsauter Post author

    Well, I guess the first question would be for everyone to figure out far how they’d be willing to travel to attend, and then try and figure out roughly where and how many of these we’d want to think about setting up. Also, just what kind of venue we want to have. Like, is LA close enough to, say, Phoenix, or San Fran, or would we need all three? Or Seattle/Portland/Vancouver (we have friends from BC)? Philly/NYC? Or does everybody just want to attend the NY State Fair, wherever that might be held? 😉

    My own personal idea of good time (which is probably not anything too close to anybody else’s, what with me not exactly being Mr. Excitement) would be to find somebody with a nice big chunk of land who wouldn’t mind being descended upon for a weekend – or perhaps a campground someplace that could be taken over – and then having a family and pet-friendly weekend of camping and tenting and whatnot, hiking in the woods, and laughing around a campfire at night, enjoying a few beverages and whatnot. Something with good old-fashioned family values (you know, where the women-folk share the chores, and the men-folk drink beer and fart a lot). 😀

    Or, would it just be an evening out? A place like O’Neals’ was nice (only show I made it to – and the last one, at that). For traveller’s, I guess that would mean trying to find a hotel for a night or two (we drove down, caught the show, and then turned around and came back; not recommended).

    But, anyway, I guess we need to know where and when.

  6. Melina

    CK!!!!! Youre here!!! How are you? Youve been sorely missed!!
    Seanie you have wifi!!
    Hell, everyone shows up just when I have to leave for the school open house…
    Oh well, back later…..

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