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Morning Seditionists

Back in the Saddle

Posted by pjsauter on March 30, 2015
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Yet another ridiculously short weekend is behind us. Here, as you might have guessed, it was basically wintry. Saturday was very cold, but Sunday wasn’t too bad – cold start, but sunny and actually above freezing. That’s about as good as it seems to get. Sorry to the folks in town for the NCAAs for the chilly weather. I guess there were quite a few “Syracuse sucks” tweets and whatnot. Less about the weather and more about how they just plain hate us (though Magic Johnson seemed to enjoy himself). Sorry, I guess. Wasn’t my idea to have all you fuckers here. In fact, if it was up to me, I’d have to the NCAA to go Cheney themselves and have their little tournament someplace else. Like Munnsville.

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Goodbye Trixie: June 2, 2002 – March 23, 2015

Posted by pjsauter on March 24, 2015
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Our little cat Trixie left the world last night to join her brother Eddie on the other side. She’s been with us since before she even born. We’ll miss her.

Another Beautiful Spring Day

Posted by pjsauter on March 22, 2015
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It’s currently about 14° here this morning, and after a night of relatively heavy snow (nothing too impressive for January, but rather depressing for the last week or so of March), it appears to be clearing up. We got, oh, I dunno, maybe 4-6 inches of snow by the time I went out with the dogs this morning. The place where I live was under one of those dreaded Lake Effect snow bands, so I reckon we got more than the official tally (which as of yesterday was up to 118.5″, just in case you’re keeping score). It’s supposed to remain “unseasonably” cold (highs around 20’ish, windchills in the single-digits at best) until Wednesday or so, when it will get to the mid-forties (I wish I could go back to my mid forties) and be windy and rainy for a couple of days and then get cold again. Welcome to Central New York all you NCAA Regional attendees!

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More Winter

Posted by pjsauter on March 18, 2015
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Yesterday, I registered for this year’s Google IO that’s happening at the end of May. Why? I don’t know. Probably because I know there’s very little chance that I’ll get “selected” to attend, so I won’t have to shell out the $300 Academic Rate conference fee ($900 or something for regular attendees) let alone the $300-400 airfare (or maybe when I don’t go, I’ll no drive instead of not fly – it will take me longer to not fly, but it’ll be more enjoyable) or the $750+ for a hotel room (that for 2 or 3 night stay – it would seem a shame to go all that way and only stay for a couple nights). So maybe when I don’t drive out I can skip the hotel and not camp instead. Last time I was out that way (well, OK, the only time I’ve ever been out that way) I camped at Mount Tamalpais State Park (at least, I think that’s where I was – somewhere in the vicinity or Muir Woods) one night and then hiked for a few days at Point Reyes National Seashore. I think I was about 28 years old at the time (ah, to be young again).

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Now That’s More Like It

Posted by pjsauter on March 16, 2015
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I’ve definitely been slacking off lately. I was going to put something up about having two Fridays the 13th in a row (which only happens when Feb 13 is on a Friday and even then only when it’s not a leap year), but I never got around to it (it also happened to be exactly 8 weeks – 56 long, long, LONG days without a beer). So then I was going to pre-write something to post on 3/14/15 at 9:26 for Super Pi Day, but I never got around to that, either. So I figured I’d get something up here for St Patrick’s Day Eve to celebrate my final dentist appointment (for six months). Yay.

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Is This a Trick?

Posted by pjsauter on March 10, 2015
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Something very strange happened yesterday. It was sunny and we had a high temperature of 42°. That might not sound like much to you folks who live where it’s warm most of the time, but here it was truly amazing (and the first time it hit 40 degrees in something like 32 days). Much to my surprise, it turns out my driveway is actually made of some kind of black stuff that I think I remember seeing a long time ago. Blacktop or something, I think they call it.

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In Like a Lion

Posted by pjsauter on March 2, 2015
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On behalf of everybody in the Northeast, I would like to bid a not so fond farewell the month of February, 2015 – for many of us the coldest month ever. Not that things are shaping up especially great so far for the month of March. We began ours with a low of -6° here yesterday morning, and of course it snowed. Only a couple of inches, I guess, and there was more snow for the ride to work this morning (I’ll probably have to plow the driveway when I get home) but we’re supposed to reach what passes for a summer-like high of 27 this afternoon – which is double-digits below what it’s supposed to be this time of year. On the bright side, they’re currently calling for a high of 37 on Wednesday which, if it holds true, will be the first time above freezing since January 29th and the warmest it’s been around here since January 18th. And then down to 0 with a high of 18 on Thursday.

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Triskelion Blues

Posted by pjsauter on February 26, 2015
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They finally got the heat pump in my office ceiling replaced, and I was able to come back to work (not happily, I might add) on Tuesday. So it’s no longer hotter than hell in there. In fact it’s f*cking cold. Or it is whenever the thermostat – located in the conference room next door – calls for cooling. See, we have what I’m guessing is a 6″ (maybe 8″) supply duct for our office, and it really cranks out the cold air. I hate to complain, lest they roast me come summer (assuming we ever have a summer around here, which I’m starting to doubt). Why I can’t just work from home every day (barring having to attend some stupid meeting or other – which are much fewer and farther between than with my old job, and more often than not if I have to attend a meeting, I can just call in) is beyond me. But whatever.

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Another Week

Posted by pjsauter on February 23, 2015
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And so, another week begins. After a rather pleasant day yesterday (or what passes for a pleasant day this year – it was sunny off and on and it got all the way up to 25°) not only is it really f*cking cold this morning, but we hit our high temp for the day around midnight and it’s been getting gradually colder ever since. We’re down to five (above) right now and they say it’l get down to something like -12 overnight. We haven’t actually been above freezing since back in January. With an average temperature of less than 10° so far, this is not only the coldest February of all time, but with the forecast for the rest of this week, it appears this will be the coldest month since they started keeping records around here back in 1902. Not the snowiest February ever, though it looks like it’ll be in the top three at least. And no relief in sight.

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Enough Already

Posted by pjsauter on February 21, 2015
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It’s supposed to get all the way up to 25° today! And as punishment, we’re also supposed to get another 6″ of snow. . Since being over three feet below average at the end of January, we have now gotten over four feet of snow in February and we’re now about two inches over our average for the season. And that’s in Syracuse – I have no way to tell what we’ve gotten here, except to say we’re feeling a little claustrophobic.

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