Happy Dad’s Day to all you dads out there, and those of you who have dads or are married to (or otherwise entangled with) a dad or dads. It’s yet another holiday where I’m pretty much off the hook these days, which is sad in some ways but somewhat liberating in others. We’ve had a hot weekend here, so there was a little bit of pool time (not enough to justify the expense of it all, but, hey, whatever), and it’s still pretty darn hot out there now, but that’s supposed to end with the dreaded severe thunderstorms that will scare the dog (trying to figure out how to time his doggie downers so that I can maybe get some sleep tonight – not that they actually put him down for the count, but they at least seem to prevent him from having a stroke), but hopefully not cause any damage (good thing we don’t live in the Bible Belt, where Jesus seems to like throwing a scare into people every now and again. I guess He just figures we’re too far gone for that). I keep getting these weather alerts on my phone, but you can never trust those things. In addition to the thunderstorms, they’re warning me of flash flooding. Well, the pool needs some water anyway. Other than the terrified dog, the weather doesn’t scare me. Nowhere near the thought of going to work tomorrow, anyway, which fills me with dread. If there’s anybody who wants to move with me to Lake Chapala, let me know. I hear the weather is near perfect year ’round, you can live pretty cheap, and they don’t actually hate Gringos. Plus I think they’ll be able to make their border wall payments directly to American ex-pats, so there’s some supplemental income to be had.