In the morning while I get up and eat my oatmeal and check the Internets, I’ve gotten accustomed to putting the teevee on on my computer. Once upon a time (prior to last November) I used to put the lo-cal news on but these days I find that horribly aggravating and not very good for my health (even though my BP seems to be good – kinda low most of the time, to be honest – doesn’t seem to be worth taking the risk of a blood vessel blowing out in my brain), so I tend to put on something easier on the mind. Usually one of the Science Channels, but occasionally I might watch one of the three flavors of Law and Order that are more or less on 24/7 (you can find all three in the AM as early as I get up). I think this will be ending in November when the price of PlayStation Vue goes up $10. It’s on the border of not being worth it to me at $35 a month – for $45, I don’t think so, and the promise of adding local channels isn’t worth it. But we’ll see – on the odd chance that SU Football doesn’t suck (again) this fall, I might keep it around for the sports.

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