OK, sure. I entered the bank that night hoping to grab as much money as I could carry. But it turns out the safe was empty. So, nothing to see here you lying fake news bastards. If only Dick Hickock and Perry Smith had known about this defense, the Clutters would still be alive. Well, the kids maybe. I guess the parents would be over 100. But you get what I mean – if you try to do something illegal, immoral, or just plain not nice, and you don’t get what you want, then you didn’t do anything wrong (unless you’re Catholic, of course, in which case – as my mother and George Carlin could tell you – it’s thought, word, and deed so we’re all going to hell). But if you’re a God-fearing Republican, then you’re covered (also, if you don’t get caught, don’t admit to anything, and then declare that even if you did do what you didn’t do, it’s OK because there was nothing illegal about doing it, and, anyway, everybody else does it, plus “Crooked Hillary”, am I right?).

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